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Crocheted Textured Reversible Lap Blanket

Crocheted Textured Reversible Lap Blanket
Textured Reversible Lap Blanket

Making lap blankets for the elderly and infirmed is an amazing way for stitchers to contribute charitably in an enjoyable and fulfilling way.  Charitable lap blankets are usually designed to fit in the lap of the wheelchair bound.  Since they are so much smaller than a full throw, they are quick to make.

This blanket is reversible. The sample is 32 inches square and made from 100% Acrylic worsted weight yarn with a Size I (5.5mm) crochet hook. The sample took approximately 17 ounces or 760 yards of yarn. The pattern can be worked in a single color, or if desired, color changes can be made between sections.

The pattern can be easily modified to make any size blanket.  Begin with a multiple of six plus three chain stitches.